Our Restaurants


Although the beauty of staying in Mono Suites is having the liberty of feeling you are at home, sometimes you would rather kick back and let us do the work for you! So why not come visit our restaurants just at your doorstep – within the same building in fact!


If you are looking for something unique and special, you can’t miss out on visiting Mono Restaurant. Italian cuisine like you have never experienced it before, at Mono Restaurant expect to encounter a multi-sensory experience; visual, textual, sound, and all kinds of stimuli, as well as a good dose of contemporary classic synthesis on what we love most: Food.


If you are looking for some more hearty food and a lively atmosphere, you have to come and try Carnivore. It is located just round the corner from the Suites, on Edinburgh’s beer street, the Cowgate, and what better place to come a relax with some of our craft beers, inspiring cocktails and tasty meat sandwiches.

With £5 cocktails Thursday – Sunday and £8 lunch time deals, it’s hard to say no!